+|- Golden Bracelet


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+|- Golden bracelet. The base material is silver. Where I made every link by hand to make the best composition. 

The technique I use is called electroforming. I let the silver links overgrow with copper. With a lot of research and playing with the the voltage the copper grows irregular on every link. For this bracelet the process takes around 45 hours. When I’m satisfied with the growing I plate it with fine silver. The last layer is plated with 14 karat gold. 

Because it is a customised piece, you can decide which length you want it will take four weeks to five weeks to deliver. The standard size is 17,5cm, the length will determine the price.


MATERIAL 14k gold, fine silver, silver, copper

SIZE/LENGTH on the picture is 17,5cm

DELIVERY this piece I will only make on order. This will take four till five weeks to deliver